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GDA Comments Process

A significant aspect of Generic Design Assessment has been Hitachi-GE's formal "GDA comments process". Through this website, Hitachi-GE invited comments and questions relating to the UK ABWR and its assessment for use in the UK.

Alongside publication of major regulatory submissions, public documents and lay summaries; the comments process provided the highest possible level of transparency around assessment of the UK ABWR.

Implemented in line with the regulators' guidance, the process received 83 meaningful inputs between 6th January 2014 and 15th August 2017. Each of these was reviewed and addressed by Hitachi-GE.

Though the comments process is no longer active, this website is intended to remain live and for 10 years from the completion of GDA, providing both a useful source of information, and a public record of GDA submissions.

Hitachi-GE is grateful for the significant level of public engagement in the process, and thanks all those who submitted questions and comments. Additionally, a summary of the comments has been produced which is available here.