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Reactor History and Experience

Hitachi-GE participated in the ABWR development program since its beginning, in collaboration with various worldwide partners and with support from power companies with experience in operating BWR plants. There have now been four operational units constructed at three sites in Japan (Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, Shika, Hamaoka), and the ABWR is under construction at Shimane, and Ohma sites in Japan. The ABWR design has also received regulatory approvals in the USA and in Taiwan.

Throughout the development of BWR technology, Hitachi-GE and others have focused on a process of evolution, developing successive reactors with higher operational, safety and economic benefits than previous models. The ABWR is the most established Generation III+ nuclear reactor in the world.

At its three sites in Japan, the ABWR has also been constructed on time and on budget – an experience which can be built upon for deployment in the UK. 

Following completion of GDA – and the development of the UK ABWR – Hitachi-GE looks forward to seeing the technology deployed in the UK, by Horizon Nuclear Power.

1st, 2nd ABWRs Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
1st, 2nd ABWRs Kashiwazaki-Kariwa 6&7
(Commercial Operation: 1996,1997)
Source: Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
3rd ABWR Hamaoka
3rd ABWR Hamaoka 5
(Commercial Operation: 2005)
4th ABWR Shika
4th ABWR Shika 2
(Commercial Operation: 2006)
5th ABWR Shimane 3
5th ABWR Shimane 3
(Under Construction)
6th ABWR Ohma
6th ABWR Ohma 1
(Under Construction)
7th ABWR Higashidori
7th ABWR Higashidori 1
(Under Construction) Reference