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ABWR Example Layout

It is important to remember that much of the technology in a nuclear power station has similarities to that seen on any coal or gas power station site, and is outside the main reactor building. The map below shows a station layout and highlights some aspects of the UK ABWR that are outside the reactor core.

Specific plans for sites such as Wylfa Newydd will be developed by future operators during site specific consenting – and further assessed by the UK regulators.

Drawing of the site layout with turbines and reactor building at lowest point, administration at the mid point and Back up building at the highest Turbine Rad Waste Building Reactor Building Service Building Administrative Office Back up building Vehicle Building Emergency Operations Building
  1. Emergency Operations Building

    1. Emergency Operations Building

    Emergency Operations Building
  2. Vehicle Station

    2. Vehicle Building

  3. Back up building

    3. Back up building

    Back up building diagram
  4. Administrative Office
  5. Service Building

    5. Service Building

    Service Building
  6. Reactor Building

    6. The Reactor Building

    The Reactor Building

    Different designs of nuclear reactor have different components and structures. The image above shows the inside of an ABWR reactor building.
    • For more information go to the Reactor Building page.

  7. Rad Waste Building

    7. Rad Waste Building

    Rad Waste Building
  8. Turbine Building

    8. Turbine

    Hitachi Steam Turbines Hitachi Steam Turbines

    ABWR 50Hz TC6F-52 Turbine

    Hitachi Steam Turbines play a leading role in providing modern, highly efficient turbine technology to the world’s electricity generation businesses. Hitachi Steam Turbines incorporate many superior features such as high-performance long blades, loss reduction technologies and offer latest turbine technologies in conventional power generation, such as the Ultra Super Critical Steam Conditions (Steam pressure of 25MPa and Steam temperatures at 600℃/620℃).

To view more detail on a building please click the dark green links bold in the list or the corresponding number in the buildings image above.

For more in-depth details on the reactor please go to the reactor building page.